• Tom Drake

Disney CEO offers conservative answer on restart.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek thinks it could be fall before the cruise line gets sailing again.

While answering questions at their Annual Stockholders meeting, Disney CEO Bob Chapek struck a conservative tone on the timing of their restart. Chapek said "“We’re anticipating that with some luck and the increase in the number of vaccinations out there and the encouraging trends that we’re seeing that maybe by this fall we might be able to have some limited operations of our cruise ships,” he said. “But that’s all going to depend on the incidents of the virus and the vaccination of the general public.”

“We’re very anxious to get our Disney Cruise Line business back up and running,” Chapek said. “As you know, the cruise industry had been quite hit hard by COVID, and as of right now, we don’t have any definitive information in terms of when we’ll be able to open up our cruise lines.”

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