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Dishonest Click Bait Media Piles on the Cruise Industry.

by Tom Drake

Thirty-four thousand cases in New York in one day is business as usual, but 55 on a ship is a disastrous outbreak.

A recent Fortune Magazine online article that quoted the dishonest Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal was also quick to downplay the less severe nature of Omicron while inferring that cruise ship guests were somehow at significant risk if they cruised.

This type of reporting is part of a continual pattern when searching out stories on the internet.

Fortune did manage to quote the never pro-active Cruise Line Industry Association, who responded in an email. “Many of our members have announced additional measures in response to the Omicron variant, including strengthening testing, masking, and other requirements, as well as encouraging booster vaccine doses for those eligible.”

And in fact, both Cunard and P&O require all guests to have received a booster shot.

Carnival Cruise Line also stepped to defend their actions. “Our enhanced health and safety protocols have proven to be effective in our sailings over the past year since we restarted guest operations. These include vaccinations, extensive testing, masks, and much more,” a Carnival spokesperson said, noting that all of its crew is fully vaccinated and that all of its eligible crew members had received booster shots. “Our top priority is compliance, environmental protection, and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, crew members, shoreside employees, and the people in the communities we visit.”

The article's point was their opinion that all of these safeguards are not enough, ignoring the lack of deaths, severe illness, and short time of the sickness (if any at all ) caused by Omicron.

Kind of like yelling fire before the fire starts.

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