• Tom Drake

Del Rio Continues His Push to Get the CDC to Act.

His Op-Ed piece in the Florida Sun Sentinel tells his story.

NCL Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio is continuing his hard push to motivate the CDC to lift the conditional sail order. In an Op Ed piece in the South Florida Sun Sentinel Del Rio wrote “All we need is for senior leadership at the CDC and the Biden administration to work with us and the rest of the cruise industry to finalize an updated, science-based agreement that allows us to safely reopen. Del Rio is also holding firm in his belief the guests and crew should all be vaccinated to guarantee are completely safe trip. This is contrary to the desire of the governor of the state of Florida who as mandated that no business should be allowed to require a vaccine. The Florida legislature is at present drafting a bill to make that executive order legal.

Del Rio also wrote that he is very confident that cruising will be safe again soon. “We have absolute confidence that our ships will be ready to safely operate this summer as our health and safety protocols far exceed anything that the CDC is currently requiring of other industries. With our vessels safely back in operation, we will restore hundreds of thousands of American jobs and generate billions of dollars in revenue in communities across Florida, California, Texas, New York, Alaska, Washington and Georgia, among other states. The cruise industry usually employs more than 420,000 Americans, many of whom are still out of work but desperately ready to return safely.”

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