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Cunard Will Have a New Queen On the Team.

Starting early 2024 Cunard will have winning hand...Four Queens.

Cunard has announced the name of their latest build due in early 2024.

She will be named Queen Anne, a monarch that sat on her throne for fifteen years from 1702 to 1715.

Cunard worked with British historian, author, and television presenter, Kate Williams, to assist in the detailed research. Williams said about the name, "It is so exciting that the fourth ship of the fleet will be named after Queen Anne. She has a fascinating tale to tell – one of queenship, unity of developing constitutional monarchy, a golden age of the arts. She was an inspiring woman, wildly popular with her people. She should be celebrated. This new ship in the Cunard fleet is the perfect way to do it!" Williams said.

Cunard said that the name “celebrates Cunard's rich heritage, royal history and refined status."

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