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Crystal Ships Were Seized in the Bahamas

According to the fuel supplier's attorney the ships are in the custody of the admiralty marshal.

The Washington Post is reporting that according to local media outlets, the two infamous Crytal ships that had been in hiding in Bimini were seized off Freeport's coast on Friday.

The vessels are in the custody of the admiralty marshal, said Stephen Turnquest, a Bahamas-based attorney for fuel supplier Peninsula Petroleum, who had sued Crystal Cruises for non-payment of 4.6 million dollars in fuel purchases.

Turnquest said the ship’s owners have 14 days from the date of the ships’ arrest to contest the proceedings. In the meantime, he said the cruise company still has the responsibility to maintain the ships and crew. He said the best-case scenario would seem to be for the company to arrange financing, pay off its debt and regain control of the ships.

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