• Tom Drake


Cruise ships powered by Liquid Natural Gas could be the way to go in the future.

It appears the latest trend to make cruise ships more environmentally friendly is the use of liquefied natural gas.

LNG is one of the cleanest burning marine fuels that reduces sulfur emissions by as much as 99% and nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 85%.

The first passenger ship to use LNG was the AIDA Nova which debuted in 2018. And now many of the new ships coming into service in 2021, 2022 and further will be using LNG. Shell has reached an agreement with Carnival Corporation to provide bunkers for two new LNG fueled ships which will be the first of their kind in North America.

The new partnership will provide a major customer for Shell USA's LNG. The first-of-its kind vessel will refuel Carnival's vessels at ports in the southeastern U.S.

Carnival Corporation has signed with Meyer Werft and Meyer Turku to build a total of seven LNG-powered cruise ships for four of its 10 cruise brands by 2022

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