• Tom Drake

Cruising Safer Than a Walk Down Main Street

Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Group is confident that cruising will be very safe.

During Royal Caribbean Group's fourth quarter earnings call, CEO Richard Fain made the bold statement that "cruising will be safer than a walk down main street". Fain also said that his group has taken the 74 recommendations developed by the Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line sponsored "Health Sail Panel" as used them as the basis for over 2,000 separate protocols, from passenger testing before sailing to physical distancing on board, and the disembarkation of coma -- COVID symptomatic persons.

Fain went on to say "We know that we not only need to provide an environment that protects our guests from COVID but also works to protect all of our people from having their vacations disrupted due to an isolated case. At the same time, we have to recognize that the panel's recommendations were -- were intended to address a pre-vaccine environment.

A lot has occurred over the last four months since their report was submitted, not the least of which is that we're regularly vaccinating over a million and a half people a day here in the United States and many elsewhere as well.

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