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Cruise Line Guests Are Spending More Than Ever

Carnival Corp. boss says "Our onboard revenue for guests is off the charts."

Cruise Industry News is reporting that onboard spending by guests has increased dramatically since the restart of cruising.

Jason Liberty at Royal Caribbean Group reports “Onboard revenue strength contributed to a 12 percent increase in total revenue per passenger cruise day, compared to the third quarter of 2019.”

Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, offered that onboard revenue environment was truly impressive “We've also really increased the volume of special groups such as gaming groups that are coming on our ships and that's proving to be very profitable,” Bayley said, also noting a new software system the company is using that is driving more pre-cruise revenue marketing.

NCL Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio said they are also experiencing increases across their three line. He told investors “Onboard revenue has exceeded our base on expectations by over 20% with broad-based strength across all shifts, regions, and revenue streams. We believe in the bundling strategy,” Del Rio said. “We're doing more and more bundling across the three brands, and that gives people a very fresh wallet because the combination of them booking further out means they have even more time to refill that wallet and make it even fresher, if you will. And so, all these factors are contributing to the higher onboard spend.”

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