• Tom Drake

Cruise Critic Survey Shows the Governor on the Wrong Side

80% of the over 5,000 respondents feel DeSantis should leave cruise lines alone.

A survey conducted by over Memorial Day weekend has shown that 80% of the respondents would rather cruise with vaccinated passengers. There were 5025 responses from cruisers who have sailed on at least ten cruises. The majority did not agree with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida law that prohibits cruise lines from requiring passengers be vaccinated in order to cruise. Of the 80% who favor vaccinated ships, 89% said they would feel more safe sailing on a ship with fellow vaccinated travelers and 69% said they would prefer a cruise without masks, social distancing or testing requirements.

Miami-based maritime attorney Jim Walker says this survey shows the Governor is on the wrong side of this issue. “The governor’s theoretical ‘right to personal freedom’ is crashing into the reality that most people want the vaccination, most cruise lines are requiring it, and the federal government is strongly recommending it. Of course there is no right to go on a cruise (no inalienable right, no constitutional right, no statutory right, no moral right). He is elevating the wishes of anti-vaxxers over the health and well-being of the general public who wish to travel by cruise ship.”

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