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Cruise Critic Survey Says: 58% Polled Not Concerned If A Cruise Line Does Not Report To CDC

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Most polled are interested in ships with vaccinated crew and guests.

A survey of 4,025 U.S.-based guests by Cruise Critic turned up some interesting numbers. According to the responses, 58% are not concerned if a cruise line is listed as Gray on the infamous CDC color chart. Gray means the cruise line has decided they are better off on their own and does not report to the CDC.

These numbers are significant because the recently released CDC voluntary program rules are not based on cruise lines' success in handling the virus up until now. In fact, it's almost as if the CDC would prefer to ignore those numbers.

The deadline to join the CDC's program is five days away. If a cruise line chooses not to opt into the program, they will be listed as a Gray on the CDC chart of nonsense.

According to Seatrade Cruise News, 20 cruise lines have opted into the program. NCL holdings opted in before they saw the rules, and some feel they will go their own way.

According to the survey, 63% of respondents feel the CDC mistreats the cruise industry. Of those, 44% said the agency has unnecessarily held cruising to a higher standard than other forms of travel, while 19% said they first felt the CDC requirements were necessary. Still, they now think the cruise industry is being treated unfairly.

And 32% said the CDC has been fair and their requirements have been necessary.

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