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Costa Sailing from Genoa Again Without the "Infamous" Bubble Tour

The Firenze will sail round-trip from Genoa through November.

Costa Cruises announced that the Costa Firenze has begun sailing from Genoa, and guests will not have to tour in a "bubble." Previously guests were only allowed off the ship if they purchased a ship's "bubble tour" that required them to stay with the group and wear a mask at all times.

Costa President Mario Zanetti said, 'After a two-year pause, we are finally returning regularly with our cruises to Genoa. We are doing so with a new-generation ship, Costa Firenze, and an even richer product that will allow [passengers] to explore our destinations in the best possible way." Zanetti said that the use of shore power in the port would be another advance.

During the pandemic, cruise lines have suddenly become climate-conscious. An event was held aboard Costa Firenze with executives from various city institutions who all signed a manifesto for value-driven, sustainable and inclusive tourism including Costa's commitment consider the destinations not as a set of tourist attractions, but as communities to build together with a tourism model that generates greater economic and social value.

Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci attended the event and added that cruises have always been a strategic sector, driving tourism and jobs. He also said everything must be sustainable, though, adding his support to the manifesto signed Thursday.

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