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CLIA Releases Bad News About 2020

Surprising no one, bookings fell 81% in the first year of the pandemic.

The Cruise Line Industry Association has released their 2022 Outlook filled with good news about the future and terrible news about the past.

According to CLIA, compared to 2019, cruise ship embarkations in 2020 fell by 81%, and job employment fell by 51%. Considering that panicked leaders worldwide shut down the majority of the industry, those numbers should shock no one.

On the bright side, CLIA reports that 75% of ocean cruising capacity has returned to service, and they are projecting that nearly 100% will be back in operation by August 2022. They also report that almost 80% of travelers who have cruised before say they will cruise again. That is the same percentage as before the pandemic.

The annual outlook also reports that 16 new cruise ships will be making their entry into the market this year.

Here is the link to that report for those who enjoy filling their head with numbers.

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