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CLIA Finally Grows a Pair!

Cruise Line Industry Association very upset with latest CDC cruise program.

Using words such as confounded, out of step, counterproductive and unworkable, the Cruise Line Industry Association finally signaled they had enough of CDC interference.

In a statement, the Association said, "Regrettably, upon initial review, the latest CDC guidance appears out of step with the actual public health conditions on cruise ships and unnecessary in light of societal trends away from more restrictive measures."

They went on to write, "We are confounded by the CDC's imposition of even more complex and unwarranted measures which ignore empirical evidence that the industry's protocols have provided a greater level of COVID mitigation than most any other setting.

The CDC's guidance for multitiered cruises is counterproductive to consumers, creating market confusion between the various tiers, and potentially unworkable in practice.

"CLIA and its members are fervently devoted to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting passengers, crew, and the public against any adverse health consequences. The record of this unwavering commitment is extensive and irrefutable.

"Against this backdrop, we continue to be dismayed by the CDC's decision to maintain any Travel Health Notice for cruises. CDC has long recognized the paramount importance of vaccination in protecting against COVID-19, and the vaccination rate on cruise ships is close to 100%, whereas on land, it is only about 63%. It seems unnecessarily discriminatory against cruise to maintain that the chances of getting COVID-19 on a cruise "is very high" even if you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines. This discounts the importance of what the CDC has otherwise promoted as the single most important touchstone for public health and safety."

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