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CLIA Brazil Announced It Will Be A Little Longer Before Ships Return

Suspension extended until February 4, 2022.

When CLIA announced that the cruise industry was staying out of Brazil longer, they said the decision was voluntary and related to "ongoing conversations with the authorities." In other words, they are getting nowhere talking to health authorities in Brazil.

Part of their statement was more straightforward about Brazil's reluctance to trust the health procedures that cruise lines have in place.

"The decision to voluntarily extend the suspension of operations in Brazil contrasts with the (situation) in the United States, where health authorities recognized the effectiveness of cruise industry's protocols," the association added, pointing out to the "elevation of the Conditional Sailing Order (CSO), that helped guide the industry's return to operations in North America."

The CLIA statement did not shut the door on a cruise ship season in Brazil, although at least one cruise line does not plan to return. Oceania cruises have returned Oceania Marina to the United States to replace the Oceania Sirena for the Caribbean season. Oceania Sirena's restart has been pushed back until March 29, when it will sail from Barbados to Barcelona.

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