• Tom Drake


The Center for Disease Control is not ready to let the cruise ships go.

In a statement issued Wednesday the CDC said that the Conditional Sail Order put in place last year prior to the arrival of vaccines will remain in place until November, 2021, one year later. This statement was in response to a plea from the Cruise Line Industry Association that the CDC allow the industry to restart now to be ready for July sailings when President Joe Biden said if we wear our masks and wash our hands we can have hot dogs in the backyard.

Further muddying the waters is the response from CDC Director Wallensky to Alaska Senator Murkowski before a Senate panel that lifting the order would be an inter-agency decision involving the DOT and the OMB. So who really decides and who is really in charge.

If you listen closely, you can probably hear the ships horns blowing as the ships sail out of US waters to countries who are ready to welcome fully vaccinated guests carrying a negative convid-19 test to their ports.

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