• Tom Drake

CDC promises new cooperation in a new meeting.

Cruise line CEO's, White House officials and CDC met virtually this past Monday'

Members of CLIA and representatives of cruise lines operating in the United States met virtually with representatives from the CDC and the White House this week to find a way to work together to get the cruise industry back on its feet.

According to the letter sent to members by CLIA during the meeting, CLIA advised the CDC that's the current Conditional Sail order does not allow for cruising to restart this summer. Cruise line CEOs shared their views that the CSO, which was issued over six months ago, does not reflect how the industry operates. They also felt that the CSO is based on scenarios that are not likely to occur and it is not current with current medical achievements such as vaccines. The CDC once again committed to working with the cruise industry to find a path forward. The CDC was advised that it is extremely important that this path happen by May.

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