• Tom Drake

CDC Gives Royal Caribbean the Go Ahead for ONE SHIP to Begin Simulated Cruises

Cruises should begin in June on the Freedom of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean Cruise line President Michael Bailey posted on Facebook yesterday that the cruise line has been given permission by the CDC to begin simulated cruises on the Freedom of the Seas.

Simulated cruises are required by the CDC if less than 98% of the guests and 95% of the crew have not been fully vaccinated.

Cruise lines sailing out of the State of Florida are not allowed by law to require vaccinations in order to cruise. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships sailing from Seattle will require guests to be fully vaccinated. Bayley posted this message on Facebook along with the notification from the CDC that permission had been granted.

After 15 months and so much work by so many during very challenging times. To all our colleagues, loyal guests and supporters all over the world I am proud and pleased to share some bright and wonderful news ! Boom ! Onwards and upwards team ! simulated cruises should begin in June and the volunteer guests on board will sail for free.

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