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CDC Director Admits the Cruise Industry Is Doing the Right Thing

Wallensky tells Senators the "Industry has stepped up".

CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky told Senators at their latest hearing that the Conditional Sail Order for the cruise industry has worked.

She said, "I think the Conditional Sail Order and the fact the industry has stepped up and is now interested in exceeding the compliance with the Sail Order without the order necessarily being in place is a real testimonial to how well that has worked."

The Directors comments came in response to Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski's questions, who asked the CDC director for assurance that Alaskan businesses can count on a 2022 cruise season.

Wallensky gave the response expected from a political appointee who is careful not to commit or promise. Her reply was, "I anticipate with ships following the Conditional Sail Order we will continue to do the oversight, watch and (provide) technical assistance and support in every single way." However, who knows what the summer will bring?

The Conditional Sail Order regulating cruise ships that has been in place since the early pandemic is due to expire this Saturday, January 15, 2022.

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