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Casino Mogul Rolling the Dice on Another Cruise Line After Crapping out on the Last Three!

Lim Kik Thay's new Resorts World Cruises will operate out of Singapore with a ship from his last disaster.

I am guessing that if you earn your real money operating casinos, you must be a bit of a gambler yourself. Lim Kok Thay, whose Resorts World company operates casinos worldwide, is getting back in the cruise industry despite a less than stellar previous track record.

The former CEO of the failed cruise line holding company Genting Hong Kong will soon be offering cruises again with his new company Resorts World cruises. After leaving 30,000 creditors searching for payment when Genting Hong collapsed, the new company will soon begin operations from Singapore. The new company will sail one ship that has been chartered from the banks that repossessed the ship when his previous company failed.

That ship is the Genting Dream, and it has arrived in Singapore and will begin sailing on June 15, 2022.

The President of the new company, Michael Goh, said recently, "These are truly exciting times. We are thrilled to witness the start of Genting Dream as the flagship of Resorts World Cruises, a new luxury and dynamic lifestyle cruise brand, affiliated with over five decades of global experience in both hospitality and cruising. We eagerly look forward to welcoming vacationers aboard Genting Dream to experience a "Resort Cruising on High Seas" from Singapore, which is full of excitement, lifestyle choices, and memorable experiences."

Unfortunately, they were not exciting times for the thousands of cruisers, staff, and crew left stranded when Goh's new boss walked away from three cruise lines, two shipyards and 30, 000 creditors.



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