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Carnival Cruise Line Makes It Easy to Manage Your Allergies!

All Carnival ships will have Menu Mate onboard to allow guests to enjoy eating food while knowing the ingredients.

According to a press release, passengers onboard Carnival cruise ships worried about food allergies will now be able to discover the ingredients of each food item with the use of software called Menu Mate. The press release read,

Extensive dining options help feed the fun at Carnival Cruise Line, and as anyone with food allergies knows, having a variety of healthy choices is more than just enjoyable – but also important to safety.

That’s why Carnival is now introducing the Menu Mate™ food ingredient program fleetwide to accommodate guests with special diets more efficiently than ever.

“Making sure everyone is included in the fun and has the best experience possible is extremely important to us,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “We are always looking for new ways to help our crew enhance our guests’ experiences, and that’s exactly what this new program is doing on our ships for those with food allergies.”

Easily operated on touch-screen tablets at food venues across the Carnival fleet, the Menu Mate food ingredient program is powered by award-winning CertiStar software to mitigate the risks of allergic reactions. The new program is the first of its kind among major cruise lines.

“I’m a lifelong cruiser, with my first time on a Carnival cruise as a teenager, so I know firsthand how important it is to make the most of every moment with family and friends. As someone with food allergies, I don’t want to waste time deliberating over what I can eat, so I’m especially excited to help share this effort with my fellow cruise lovers,” said

The new Menu Mate food ingredient program works simply for both guests and crew. Staff will ask guests about food allergies and enter any restrictions into the program. The software will then sort through all available options and display which items are allergen friendly, which options can be modified to exclude allergens and which selections should be avoided. If preferred, guests can also use the Menu Mate designated tablet themselves to enter in their own allergy/dietary information and then order from the options curated to meet their needs.

The program eliminates the lengthy process of conferring between guests, wait staff and chefs over the ingredients of menu items and possible substitutions. Now that the process of selecting items with allergen friendly ingredients is simplified, it is also no longer necessary for guests to inform Carnival of food allergies in advance of their cruise.

To ensure the program’s efficiency, Carnival culinary staff studied recipes across the line and worked to capture any potential allergen conflicts by inputting accurate ingredient information into the CertiStar software. To use the program directly and research allergen friendly options on their own, guests will be able to find a Menu Mate tablet on display near the Lido buffet stations as well.



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Nelda Cruz-Munguia
Nelda Cruz-Munguia
Jun 06, 2022

Menumate does not included dairy allergies, egg allergies options, wheat alternatives, gluten free bread not made with eggs. I had horrible choices. Really tired of a fruit plate for dessert. You could at least had something prepared for us dairy free passengers!!!

Tom  Drake
Tom Drake
Jun 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for that information. I can only report what they claim. It is good to know it is not how it is described.

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