• Tom Drake

Carnival Cruise Line Getting Ready

An email to all crew suggests a restart will be coming soon.

The Cruise Industry News is reporting that Carnival Cruise Line has begun the process of bringing the crew back to its fleet of cruise ships. In an email to crew obtained by the publication, Carnival wrote, “We are delighted we have now reached the point where we can invite our crew back to the ships.” The email stated that Carnival has been “very busy” working with relevant health authorities in developing health and safety protocols to enable a return to guest operations.

“As you can imagine, there have been many changes implemented since you were last on board,” the email continued, “all developed with the health and safety of everyone in mind.” The cruise line also said it expects to ramp up its fleet and launch an email series for crew to help them prepare for what’s ahead, what to do at home when they travel, and the new way of life onboard.

Carnival also said it would be sending out additional communications to the crew over the next several weeks.

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