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Barbados Brings the "Bubble Excursion" to the Caribbean

Cruise guests without a Covid test taken within 48 hours of arrival will be allowed to enter the country but only on an approved "bubble tour".

Health and Government officials in Barbados have announced new port entry protocols that will hopefully allow cruise ships to continue to visit the island. One of the changes put in place will enable guests not in possession of a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of arrival to visit the island as part of "bubble excursion."

Taking a page from the Italian government, the "bubble excursions" are supervised shore excursions through authorized vendors operating tours approved for sale by tour operators as authorized by cruise lines. They also include tours approved for sale by independent tour operators and taxi operators as authorized by the government of Barbados following the appropriate health and security requirements.

In other words, if you don't have a current test, you can not enjoy the island on your own. However, you can enjoy the island after you buy a tour. A where you will probably be given free time to shop so you can take off your mask and mingle with the locals.

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