• Tom Drake

Bar Harbor Might Be Saying Bah Humbug to More Cruise Ships.

Residents are being polled to see if they want those cruise people.

The city of Bar Harbor has decided to survey its residents to determine whether they really want cruise ship visitors. Bar Harbor Town Councilor Gary Friedman told News Center Maine "I’m very interested to hear what a majority of our residents think and also to hear what the businesses think. He said that "some believe that all businesses love cruise ships, but that’s just not true. Many of them don’t benefit and even feel that their businesses are hurt by the impacts of cruise visitation," Friedman added. He said that cruise ship passengers do generate over $1,000,000 per year pre-pandemic. Friedman said that possible changes to cruise ship stops could be “limiting the number of days a week that cruise ships are allowed,” “limiting the number of ships per season,” “limiting the number of passengers in town on a given day.” He added that so far, the response to the survey has been large and indicating – at least, preliminary – that most people want to see “some kind of limits to cruise ship visitation.”

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