• Tom Drake

Australia Says Not Yet Mate!

Health Minister Grant announces 3 month extension of international travel ban.

There is a new saying in Australia. Not yet Mate….Australia has extended their ban on international travel that was due to end on March 17 an additional three months until June 17, 2021. Minister of Health Greg Hunt cited risks from overseas as the number one reason for the emergency extension. “The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has advised the Australian Government the COVID-19 situation overseas continues to pose an unacceptable public health risk to Australia, including the emergence of more highly transmissible variants,” he said. “The extension of the emergency period for a further three months is about mitigating that risk for everyone’s health and safety.”

Mr Katz said the industry had submitted detailed COVID-safe plans, which are already in practice across the world, that would allow Queenslanders, for instance, to safely tour the waters off the coast of the Sunshine State. “We are naturally disappointed that the government has extended the ban without finalizing a pathway for the return of cruising given the work that has taken place over many months,” Mr Katz added.

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