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Another Port Happy to Welcome Cruisers!

The Port of St. John welcomed it first cruise guests in over 300 days.

CTV News reports that when the Regent Seven Seas Navigator arrived at the Port of St. John, grateful business owners and officials welcomed the guests on board the first ship to visit the port in over 300 days.

Andrew Dixon, chief operating officer for the Port of Saint John, said, "The best way I could describe today would be euphoria."

The Mayor of St. John told CTV she feels confident and comfortable with cruise passengers arriving in the city. "When I think about it, I'm going to walk down there, and I'm going to see those cruise ships and experience that excitement and dynamic energy that they bring. I'm not going to show a passport, I'm not going to show anything about my vaccines - but every visitor that comes here has jumped through a lot of hoops to get to my sidewalk."

The Captain of the Navigator Lukša Kristović spoke about the precautions that the ship takes during these Covid times, "All of our crew as soon as they step outside of their cabin they need to wear the masks, then also we are doing daily measuring of the temperature, every time you go off and on the ship. Still the crew and organization on board is much, much strict and higher than what we have on any country shoreside."

The Navigator has a guest capacity of 490. According to the port website, the first large cruise ship to arrive in Saint John will be on June 8 with the inaugural call of the Oasis of the Seas, which has a passenger capacity of 5,400.

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