• Tom Drake

And the Survey Says! Most people are ready to cruise again.

Latest survey from and Shipmate is a positive for the industry. and Shipmate today announced the results of a Return to Cruising Survey to coincide with the nearly one-year mark of the suspension of cruising in the United States.

Jamie Cash, General Manager of and Shipmate said "By a large majority, our survey participants said that they are ready to get back on a cruise ship as soon as possible this year. This shows that there is a tremendous demand out there to cruise again after one year of not sailing, and travelers are feeling confident in the new health measures being implemented by the cruise lines,".

As a whole, 93% of participants responded that they would consider cruising in 2021 or 2022 when operations resume. Of this number, 66% specifically reported they would cruise again as soon as 2021 and 27% reported that they would cruise in 2022.

Of those that responded they would cruise in 2021 or 2022, 72% reported they would cruise if a vaccine is required, 17% would not cruise if a vaccine is required, and 11% reported they are unsure.

Read the entire survey here- ShipMate Survey

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