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American Society of Travel Advisors Launching Campaign to WAKE UP DC!

Digital campaign raise awareness of the importance of the travel industry.

Although travel in general is improving, Zane Kirby president and CEO of ASTA thanks there is a lot more to be done and he has announced that a new campaign will be launched to support the struggling travel agency industry.

“While some bright spots have started to emerge, the fact of the matter is that travel advisors face a long road to recovery with the State Department and CDC continuing to discourage international travel, while cruise lines remain shuttered and business travel is still at a fraction of 2019 levels,” said Zane Kerby, ASTA’s President & CEO. “Support for the travel industry in the various relief bills has been tragically inadequate, which is why we have partnered with POLITICO to enhance our traditional advocacy work – itself unprecedented in its scale and scope for the past 14 months – and find new ways to reach policymakers.”

The centerpiece of the POLITICO campaign is the “10 Reasons Why Travel Advisors Are Industry Essential” focus index. This robust promotion plan across POLITICO’s platforms will starts today, with the goal of driving traffic to the focus index while increasing impressions and visibility for our target audience, the policymakers in Washington D.C., who need to see and understand this critical information. At least three million impressions are expected for the campaign, across the homepage, POLITICO’s Morning Transportation newsletter, and various social media channels.

ABOUT ASTA Rebranded in 2018 as the American Society of Travel Advisors, ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry and the traveling public. Its members represent 80 percent of all travel sold in the United States through the travel agency distribution channel. Together with hundreds of internationally-based members, ASTA’s history of industry advocacy traces back to its founding in 1931 when it launched with the mission to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism. For more information about the Society, visit Consumers can connect with an ASTA travel advisor at

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