• Tom Drake

American Constellation Leads the Way in Alaska

The city of Haines happy to see the cruisers return.

American Cruise Lines has announced in a press release that its 2021 Alaska season is underway as on June 12, the American Constellation was the first cruise ship to dock in Haines in 622 days, since September 29, 2019.

To celebrate the town’s first docking in almost two years, American’s guests were warmly welcomed on shore by Mayor Douglass Olerud, the Chilkat

Dancers, and many members of the Haines community.

Charles Robertson, President & CEO of American said “We are thrilled to be back in Haines and appreciate the wonderful reception we received from the community. We have worked diligently throughout Southeast Alaska to coordinate with each port to ensure the safe resumption of domestic cruising,” “We look forward to 12 dockings in Haines this year and many more in the coming years, as the popularity, of experiencing Alaska’s majesty aboard small, new U.S. ships, continues to grow.”

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