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America Queen Ocean Navigator Arrives in Chicago for an Overnight Stay!

American Queen Voyages is the only overnight cruise line to dock at the downtown Chicago destination.

When American Queen Voyages Ocean Navigator made its maiden call to the City of Chicago this past week, city and state leaders were there to greet the 202-passenger vessel.

Attendees included Choose Chicago CEO Lynn Osmond, Navy Pier President & CEO Marilynn Gardner, and Magnificent Mile Association President & CEO Kimberly Bares.

Lynn Osmond, chief executive officer of Choose Chicago, said, "Today, we celebrate the arrival of American Queen Voyages' Ocean Navigator and Chicago as a cruise destination. Chicago's tourism industry plays a large role in contributing to the city's vibrancy, and we are thrilled to have partners like American Queen Voyages who offer extraordinary experiences for our locals and tourists alike."

Isis Ruiz, chief commercial officer, American Queen Voyages, said, "Travelers are ready to make up for lost time and are eager to deeply discover North America now – and Chicago is a stunning backdrop to embark on that journey. Ocean Navigator's arrival at Navy Pier is a fitting way to celebrate tourism in Chicago, exploring the city's bounty of culture and history. We look forward to an exciting season showcasing the many treasures across the Great Lakes."


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