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242 Cruise Ships Will Sail in January

Cruise Industry News Update lists Royal Caribbean as the leader with 20 ships.

Despite continual roadblocks, including the CDC's decision to single out only this form of tourism, Cruise Industry News reports that there will be 242 ships at sea in January.

Those 242 ships are part of 68 different brands and they contain 433. 999 berths.

There has been no indication that the cruise line companies plan to slow down or pause despite the United States setting a one-day record of one million positive cases. The positivity rate for the cruise industry is much lower than on land because of mask mandates and testing protocols, despite the close proximity of people on a ship.

Guests who were interviewed for a cruise industry bashing in Fortune magazine were quick to defend their favorite form of travel. “CDC also says we should wear a mask everywhere we go,” Francena Lewis, who was aboard Carnival’s Vista cruise ship, told KHOU-11, a Houston news station. “But you see anybody doing that?” “I believe that Carnival wouldn’t let us get on this cruise if it was that bad and that toxic. That’s my opinion on it,” said Lewis.

Chad Stout, who disembarked from the Carnival Glory in New Orleans last week, told local news source Fox 8. “It is what it is. I’ve had COVID. I got the shot.”

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